Books / Reading list

Listed here are some of the books in my library, as well as some books I'm currently reading, or am trying to get around to reading. Some of the books I've included are textbooks I've had to buy for courses at school - the ones included here are textbooks I've found helpful for reference.

Programming, Computer Science, Systems

  • The C Programming Language
  • Linux Kernel Development
  • The Linux Programming Interface
  • Holub, Allen I. - Compiler Design in C
  • Bennett, J.P. - Introduction to Compiling Techniques: First Course using ANSI C, LEX and YACC
  • The UNIX Programming Environment
  • Advanced UNIX Programming
  • Aho, Alfred V., Kernighan, Brian W., & Weinberger, Peter J. - The AWK Programming Language
  • The Go Programming Language
  • The Elements of Computing Systems
  • Wicked Cool Shell Scripts
  • Stevens, W. Richard & Rago, Stephen A. - Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment
  • Lapin, J.E. - Portable C and UNIX System Programming
  • "CLR" - Introduction to Algorithms (First Edition)
  • "CLRS" - Introduction to Algorithms (Third Edition)
  • Tanenbaum, Andrew S. & Woodhull, Albert S. - Operating Systems: Design and Implementation
  • Silberschatz, Abraham & Galvin, Peter Baer - Operating System Concepts
  • Aho, Alfred V., Ullman, Jeffrey D., & Sethi, Ravi - Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools
  • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Electronics, Hardware

  • Nussey, John - Arduino for Dummies
  • Huang, Andrew - Hacking the Xbox: An Introduction to Reverse Engineering
  • Petzold, Charles - Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software
  • The Manga Guide to Microprocessors
  • The Manga Guide to Electricity
  • Horowitz, Paul & Hill, Winfield - The Art of Electronics
  • Hayes, Thomas C. & Horowitz, Paul - Learning the Art of Electronics
  • Wakerly, John F. - Digital Design Principles and Practices


  • The Manga Guide to Calculus (yes I'm serious)
  • Stewart, James - Calculus: Early Transcendentals (Eighth Edition)
  • The Manga Guide to Statistics (I'm still serious)
  • Oakley, Barbara - A Mind for Numbers
  • Trudeau, Richard - Introduction to Graph Theory
  • Pólya, George - How to Solve It
  • Bellos, Alex - Here's Looking at Euclid

Physics, Astronomy

  • Garcia, Narciso & Damask, Arthur C. - Physics for Computer Science Students
  • Fundamentals of Physics (11th Edition)
  • Shimoda, Kōichi - Introduction to Laser Physics
  • Fundamentals of Astrodynamics
  • Introduction to Space Dynamics
  • Spaceflight Dynamics: Third Edition
  • Celestial Calculations: A Gentle Introduction to Computational Astronomy
  • Clark, John Drury - Ignition!: An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants


I have a minor interest in architecture but I don't think I can draw worth anything. I wanted to go into architecture when I was in my last year of high school.

  • Travis, Stephanie - Sketching for Achitecture
  • Jordan, R. Furneaux - Western Architecture
  • Frampton, Kenneth - Modern Architecture: A Critical History
  • Summerson, John - The Classical Language of Architecture


  • Henshall, Kenneth G. & Takagaki, Tetsuo - A Guide to Learning Hiragana and Katakana: First Steps to Reading and Writing Japanese


  • The Bible (NRSV)


  • Brin, David - The Postman
  • Burgess, Anthony - A Clockwork Orange
  • Camus, Albert - The Stranger
  • Caroll, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  • Chaucer, Geoffrey - The Canterbury Tales
  • Coppel, Alfred - The Burning Mountain
  • Dick, Philip K. - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
  • Dick, Philip K. - We Can Remember It for You Wholesale (Collection)
  • Dick, Philip K. - The Game Players of Titan
  • Dostoevsky, Fyodor - Notes from Underground
  • Dostoevsky, Fyodor - Crime and Punishment
  • Faulkner, William - Absalom, Absalom!
  • Gibson, William - Neuromancer
  • Kakfa, Franz - The Trial
  • Lewis, C.S. - The Screwtape Letters
  • Lovecraft, H.P. - The Call of Cthulhu (Collection, Penguin Classics)
  • Lovecraft, H.P. - The Thing on the Dorrstep and Other Weird Stories (Collection, Penguin Classics)
  • Miller Jr., Walter M. - A Canticle for Leibowitz
  • Nabokov, Vladimir - Pale Fire
  • Nietzsche, Friedrich - Thus Spoke Zarathustra
  • Orwell, George - The Penguin Complete Novels of George Orwell
  • Pelevin, Victor - Omon Ra / Омон Ра
  • Quinn, Daniel - Ishmael
  • Rand, Ayn - Atlas Shrugged
  • Rand, Ayn - We the Living
  • Rand, Ayn - Anthem
  • Rand, Ayn - The Fountainhead
  • Salinger, J.D. - The Catcher in the Rye
  • Shakespeare, William - Othello
  • Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris - Roadside Picnic
  • Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris - Monday Begins on Saturday

Memoirs, Biographies, Autobiographies

  • Feynman, Richard - Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!
  • Feynman, Richard - What Do You Care What Other People Think?
  • Hardy, G.H. - A Mathematician's Apology

Politics, Society, Economics

  • Hobbes, Thomas - Leviathan
  • Hazlitt, Henry - Economics in One Lesson
  • Hayek, F.A. - The Road to Serfdom
  • Ramo, Joshua Cooper – The Age of the Unthinkable
  • Sokal, Alan & Bricmont, Jean – Fashionable Nonsense: Postmodern Intellectuals' Abuse of Science
  • Machiavelli, Niccolò – The Prince and Other Writings


  • Loyd Blankenship - GURPS Cyberpunk: High-Tech Low-Life Roleplaying (1st Edition)
  • d20 Modern
  • d20: Dark Matter